Sunday, December 8, 2013

Was Marie-Antoinette a Saint?

Marie-Antoinette ascending to Heaven by Elisabeth Vigée-LeBrun
Here is my interview from Christine Niles' wonderful show "Forward Boldly" on BlogTalk Radio about Marie-Antoinette, the Cathars and my current projects. (John Zmirak is on first and then I follow thirty minutes into the program.) I am always being accused of making Marie-Antoinette into a saint just because I do not believe she broke the sixth commandment and committed adultery. In Trianon I show her as a practicing Catholic which we all know does not automatically make a saint. People say that by making the Queen into a saint I strip her of her humanity. So we are only truly human if we are fornicating? But this is the mentality.

How many times have I been told that being a saint is boring? As if any of our saints had boring lives. Some of them probably would have loved to have had boring lives. St. Joan of Arc would have loved to have had a boring life. "I'd rather be home embroidering with my mother" she said.

Marie-Antoinette was, for most of her life, as far as we can tell, a Catholic in good standing. The question is, did she ever rise to heroic virtue? I believe she did. Anyway, enjoy the interview. Share


Gette said...

Great interview! And what interesting projects you have coming up. You have been one very busy woman, for sure. I can't wait to read them when they are published. Congratulations!

love and prayers,


Unknown said...

she is virtuous but she had no any trecherous