Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cocktail Attire for Men

From Gentleman's Gazette:
When you receive an invitation nowadays, it may read Cocktail Attire, Black Tie Optional or Formal but what exactly does that mean? Back in the day, things were simpler: The Dresscode was either Black Tie for less formal evening occasions and White Tie for more formal ones. The women’s dresses were chosen accordingly.

Today, for many men the tuxedo is the most formal garment they will ever wear, and even then it is just rented. In the following, I want to explain to you what Cocktail Attire For Men is all about and what options you have for weddings, parties or events when you receive an invitation that asks for it.
If the invitation asks for Cocktail Attire, men should wear:
    1. dark to mid-gray suit
    2. dress shirt in white or a muted color
    3. necktie in subtle patterns or plains
    4. pocket square
    5. black dress shoes with leather sole
    6. Over the Calf Socks that match the trousers or something else in your outfit
    7. Of course make sure you are clean shaven and you have a proper hair cut
    8. Do NOT wear your tuxedo, that would be overdressed.
    9. For weddings: remember, this is the bride & groom’s day, so leave your pin stripe suit, bright colored ties and flashy accessories at home – the couple should be the center of attention, not you.
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Katie said...

I may disagree about leaving the colorful ties at home for a wedding. For a summer wedding, especially of some or all of the proceedings are to be outdoors, a bright tie is just the thing and enhances the celebratory spirit of the event.