Monday, December 16, 2013

The Separation of Louis XVI from His Son

One of the most difficult moments for the French Royal Family during their imprisonment was when Louis was isolated from his family. Louis-Charles had been staying with him but when the boy was removed and sent to live with the women of the family it was extremely painful for the King. From Reading Treasure:
His Majesty walked hastily up and down his room for some moments; then he seated himself in an arm-chair close to the head of his bed; the door was half closed and the municipal dared not enter, to avoid, as he told me, questions. Half an hour passed thus in the deepest silence. The commissioner became uneasy at not hearing the king; he entered softly, and found him with his head on one of his hands, apparently deeply absorbed.

'What do you want?' asked the king, in a loud voice.

'I feared you were ill,' replied the municipal.

'I am obliged to you,' said the king, in a tone of the keenest sorrow, 'but the manner in which my son has been taken from me is infinitely painful to me.'

The municipal said nothing and withdrew
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