Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon

The view from their apartment. From RL Magazine:
In 1960, the couple married and took up residence in Apartment 1A. Although Lord Snowdon quickly learned royal protocol, de Courcy says, his common lineage earned him the scorn of many in their circle, including the servants. Ruby, the princess’s dresser, was charged with bringing tea and juice to Princess Margaret each morning, yet she never brought anything for Lord Snowdon. Not content to be a kept man, Lord Snowdon soon took a job at the Sunday Times, earning acclaim for his documentaries on the poor and elderly, as well as his chronicles of society. Although the couple’s love and passion for each other were palpable, Princess Margaret was used to getting her way, and any feeling of suffocation made Lord Snowdon retreat deep into his work. A few years into the marriage, cracks began to form beneath their glittering façade. (Read more.)

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