Monday, November 4, 2013

The Problem with Gadgets

From the WSJ:
Our use of technology has fundamentally changed not just our awareness in public spaces but our sense of duty to others. Engaged with the glowing screens in front of us rather than with the people around us, we often honestly don't notice what is going on. Adding to the problem is the ease with which we can record and send images, which encourages those of us who are paying attention to document emergencies rather than deal with them. The fascination with capturing images of violence is nothing new, as anyone who has perused Weegee's photographs of bloody crime scenes from the early 20th century can attest. But the ubiquity of camera-enabled cellphones has shifted the boundaries of acceptable behavior in these situations. (Read more.)

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lara77 said...

All these gadgets do is have people withdraw unto themselves. I walk through a mall or down a street and I will say out loud,"Look up! Look where you are going!" I am sorry; I am not having someone walk into me because they have no concept of place or time. Is it not amazing how society survived and communicated before these gadgets?