Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mothers of the Queens of England

An informative post from Confessions of a Ci-devant. To quote:
To mark the completion of my new book on the British royal families (release date, 2014), I thought I'd post on the mothers of the English queens, from 1066 to 2013. It's technically a slightly disingenuous list, because I've also included the mothers of the male consorts, but for ease of titling, I hope no-one will mind recourse to the feminine title. I have also included those men and women who never became royal consorts, despite the fact that their spouses were, at one point, sovereigns.

ADELA OF FRANCE, Countess of Flanders (1009 - 1079) Mother of Queen Matilda of Flanders, the Conqueror's bride, she was the daughter of King Robert the Pious of France and wife of Baldwin V, Count of Flanders. She was briefly married as a young woman to the Duke of Normandy, a fate eventually shared by her daughter Matilda, but the marriage ended without issue. A very religious woman, she was later dubbed "Adela the Holy." (Read more.)

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