Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rules for a Potluck

From Bon Appétit:

Make it a theme party. Whether it’s the type of cuisine or recipes from a specific a cookbook, this will help you avoid a Greek salad/carne asada tacos/kimchi fried rice mashup. Be specific with your instructions, and make sure they’re within your guests’ cooking abilities and budgets.

Sign me up! If you don’t email a sign-up sheet, you’ll get six pastas, three trays of brownies, and no greens. The best way to do it? Get four people on drinks, four people on sides, and four people on main dishes. Or, if you’re a Type A personality, straight-up tell people what to bring. No problem with that.

Beware: Your guests will be needy. Things can get tight in the kitchen at potluck dinners. Ask your guests to tell you if they need any equipment, oven space, or serving utensils. If your range gets full or you foresee yourself running out of anything, you can ask your guests to change their dish or bring along what they need from home. (Read more.)

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