Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blessed Rolando Rivi

Italian Communists on a murderous rampage killed and tortured a young boy in 1945 because he wanted to be a priest. To quote:
“Tomorrow, one priest less,” said the political commissioner of one of the Communist Party’s “Garibaldi Brigades” of Monchio, a small town in the northern Italian province of Modena. Those words uttered in 1945 signaled the commissioner’s decision that seminarian Rolando Rivi had to be executed. Rivi was only 14, and now he is the Church’s first beatified seminarian.

Rivi’s beatification took place Oct. 5 in Modena, and it was a true “feast of faith.” Nearly 20,000 people attended the event, coming from the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy, also known as “the triangle of death.”

From 1943-1949, approximately 4,500 people were killed in this region by communists. Among them were 93 priests, who were accused of several offenses, including collaboration with the fascist government, giving aid to fascist refugees or simply being priests or studying to become one. The latter was the case of Rivi. (Read more.)

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