Friday, October 18, 2013

And This is Not Marie-Antoinette, Either

Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily, Last Holy Roman Empress has mistaken Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily for her aunt, Marie-Antoinette. It is bad enough that the article is riven with inaccuracies, but with all the pictures of Marie-Antoinette available on the internet why would someone choose a picture of another person? Maria Theresa was the eldest daughter of Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies and Marie Carolina of Austria. Maria Carolina was the favorite sister of Marie-Antoinette. They both named their eldest daughters after their mother, Empress Maria Theresa. Maria Theresa of Naples married her first cousin Emperor Francis, the son of Marie-Antoinette's brother Emperor Leopold. Emperor Francis and his Empress, Maria Theresa of Naples (above) were the last to bear the titles of Holy Roman Emperor and Empress. Their daughter Marie Louise married Napoleon Bonaparte. Marie Theresa never lived to see her daughter handed over to Bonaparte, though, for she died in 1807 at age 34.

Emperor Francis II and Empress Maria Theresa with their family
As for the inaccuracies in the article, perhaps the most annoying is the one about Louis XVI being impotent. Louis XVI was not impotent and he did not have a physical defect which required an operation, as explained HERE. Share


May said...

Tedious... always the same old lies.

ImportanttoMadeleine said...

I'm always grateful for your clear-sighted corrections of inaccuracies regarding Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. They so deserve it.