Monday, October 14, 2013

A Satirical Engraving, Late 1780's

Maria-Theresia, Empress of Austria: - My daughter, what are you doing down there? What despair!
Marie Antoinette: - I was so thirsty of the blood of the French and I couldn't quench it, so in my despair I plunged into this well.

The lampoons against the Queen of France were relentless.

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lara77 said...

To read the vile filth that was written against Her Majesty makes my blood boil. Did any of the people who were behind the vitriol and garbage against the King and Queen have any idea how it would be turned against them? The Comte de Provence, the Duc d'Orleans, etc. The evil that turned against the monarchy and the Catholic Church would end up destroying France and the lives of thousands. How very sad and heartbreaking to see the scores of innocents that would perish because of jealousy and enmity. I have always believed in reform; King Louis XVI knew this and began the steps to reform. What we ended up with was violence, murder, genocide and the dictatorship of Napoleon. Thank you Elena Maria for showing what could have been; for shining the light on a good King and Queen who only wanted the best for their nation.