Thursday, October 18, 2012

Restaurant Service

Is it getting worse? According to Bon Appétit Magazine:
 When people complain about restaurants, it usually has nothing to do with the quality of the fritto misto. It's about the service. And these days, with more and more casual spots--think cash only, no reservations--becoming destinations, a service crisis is just around the corner. (Often, if you get a mere "hello" when you walk in, you're doing pretty well.) The surly server is nothing new--ever been to a diner?--but no matter how grumpy his or her delivery, at least you get your order quickly and without judgment. But now, when people will spend hours in line to try a much-tweeted taco, some too-cool-for-school restaurants have started believing their own hype and think that the basic rules of hospitality don't apply to them. Instead of an attitude of "We're so grateful you chose to spend your hard-earned money at our establishment," it's "You should be grateful you even got a table." (Read entire article.)

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May said...

A friend who worked as a manager in a number of restaurants once told me that not only are the waitstaff often on drugs, but they will often take capricious objection to customers and even deliberately tamper with the food to make them ill or just to be able to laugh at them behind their backs. All this made me feel like never darkening the door of a restaurant again.