Monday, October 29, 2012

1790: Execution of the Marquis de Favras

From History and Other Thoughts:
On 19th February 1790, Thomas de Mahy, Marquis de Favras made history: he became the first nobleman to be executed without class distinction from commoners. His crime? Trying to save the royal family from the dangers of the French Revolution. Born in 1745 in a noble and ancient family, M. de Favras was a fervent royalist who served in the army with distinction. Although he at first approved the change from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional one with a Parliament, he was soon disillusioned with the French Revolution, its violence and its degradation of the royal family. (Read entire post.)


lara77 said...

So a brave man who put his life on the line to save the Royal Family is executed while the butchers of the Vendee like Westermann have their names inscribed on the Arc de Triomphe.THAT says it all about the moral repugnancy of the French Revolution.

Gio said...

Thanks for the link!