Sunday, December 4, 2011

Portrait of Zamor

From Vive la Reine:
Zamor was a young boy in Chittagong when he was captured by slave traders and eventually sold to Louis XV. Louis XVI put him into the service of Madame du Barry, as a page boy. Madame du Barry paid for his education and welfare until 1792, when she was arrested upon his testimony that she was smuggling in jewels from England. She managed to avoid prison for the time being, but dismissed him from service. According to Zamor at Madame du Barry’s trial, she dismissed him when he told her that he found her lavish lifestyle, hatred of liberty, and assistance to emigrated aristocrats deplorable.

He was one of several key witnesses at her in 1793 trial that led to her execution, though Zamor himself was arrested soon after on suspicion of being her accomplice. He was released, and died in France in 1820.

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