Thursday, December 8, 2011

Impressions of Madame du Barry

Madame LeBrun reflects:
It was in 1786 that I went for the first time to Louveciennes, where I had promised to paint Mme. Du Barry. She might then have been about forty-five years old. She was tall without being too much so; she had a certain roundness, her throat being rather pronounced but very beautiful; her face was still attractive, her features were regular and graceful; her hair was ashy, and curly like a child's. But her complexion was beginning to fade. She received me with much courtesy, and seemed to me very well behaved, but I found her more spontaneous in mind than in manner: her glance was that of a coquette, for her long eyes were never quite open, and her pronunciation had something childish which no longer suited her age. (Read entire post.)


May said...

Even Madame du Barry evidently had her good qualities; it is terrible that she was betrayed in the end by someone she had helped. May God have mercy on her.

Gio said...

Thanks a lot for linking to my post!

Anonymous said...

Lovely painting. I wonder what 'faded complexion' means, really. Not as ruddy, perhaps?