Thursday, December 1, 2011

News from Daniel Mitsui

Some amazing art which is taking liturgical circles by storm. Daniel says:
Earlier this year, I was contacted by the Executive Secretary of the Vox Clara Committee, a Vatican committee of senior bishops from episcopal conferences throughout the English-speaking world that advises the Holy See on English-language liturgy. The Committee will publish in 2012 an interim edition of the Roman Pontifical, including new translations of certain texts drawn from the revised Roman Missal.

I was commissioned to create a series of five color illustrations for this Pontifical, depicting the Crucifixion, the Last Supper, the Presentation in the Temple, the Descent of the Holy Ghost and Christ the High Priest. The central images are surrounded by appropriate symbols and Old Testament prefigurements, and the corner scenes depict liturgical rites contained in the Pontifical.

The drawings were realized in colored inks on Bristol board, in a style heavily influenced by 15th century panel paintings, tapestries, manuscripts and incunabula. Black and white versions of two of these illustrations were also produced. (Read entire newsletter.)

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