Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Lady and General de Sonis

General de Sonis was a Third Order Carmelite. Here is a story from his life:
 Back on the battlefield, a strange thing happened. The Virgin Mary appeared to the wounded General Sonis, assuring him that all was not lost and that France would survive. A scattering of soldiers milled around the former battle; only the Zouaves and a very few other units retained their order and discipline. The remnant of the 17th Corps retreated to Poitiers. When the surviving Zouaves reached this refuge, they were welcomed deliriously by the townspeople. Deeply saddened by the plight of his former paladins, Pius IX sent a message to them: “Tell Charette and his heroic sons as speedily as possible that my wishes, prayers, and remembrances constantly follow them wherever they go; that as they were, and still are, present with me, I am also with them in heart and soul, ever entreating the God of all mercy to protect and save both them and their unhappy country, and to bless them as fully and as specially as I do this day, in His name and with the warmest effusion of my heart.” (Read entire post.)


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lara77 said...

A war that never should have been fought; the Franco Prussian disaster. Naturally, another Napoleon leading France to death and ruin. While reading the article I kept thinking of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. How I wish God had let them escape at Varennes. It seems there were so many times when they needed divine help and yet it never came. Yes, I realize we are only humans and do not know God's will. Napoleon III went on to exile like the first Napoleon. Yet, good King Louis and his Queen were murdered by the cabal. Hopefully someday it will all make sense to me.