Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Mother's Review

My gratitude to Wendy Haught of In Haught Pursuit for writing a review of The Night's Dark Shade from a parent's perspective. To quote:
Amidst all the turmoil, the story examines the role of romantic love in finding a suitable mate. Yes, romance is a wondrous thing, but what are the beloved's intentions? Is he "dallying" with your affection? This book is a fabulous stepping stone for mother-daughter, heart-to-heart discussions. At the same time you learn all about the Albigensian heresy and will recognize parts of it in today's culture.

I highly recommend it for mature teens and all people who don't mind staying up til midnight to finish a rousing good, solidly Catholic story.

In this interview by Catherine Delors, Elena Maria Vidal gives the background of the story.

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Julygirl said...

I have experienced the same thing from EMV's books. They encompass, and are rich in, additional subject matter, interpersonal relationships, history, etc. Many books today have lots of filler/ fluff, (so that they can be over 500 pages long),that I skip over when I read them, but every paragraph in EMV's books is of value.