Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mademoiselle de Sombreuil

One of the most chilling tales from the Reign of Terror. Share


Lele Piroutek said...

Hey, i'm from Brazil, and i just want to say that i absolutely love your blog! I love the things you explain about Marie Antoinette, she's my favorite historical figure. I was so shocked to discover here, that she adopted an african boy and took care of him as one of her own. I personally believe that she was a good and amazing woman, she did such great things along the way... And is really sad to know that the advertising of that time ruined her image until now. A lot of people still thinks that all she could do was spent and spent! Thank you so much for this blog, it is really amazing!

Tristan Robin said...

What an amazing tale! Thanks so much for the link.

I can't imagine why such a colorful and adventure-filled story hasn't been the subject of a film or book. It's an intriguing story.

lara77 said...

When one thinks that the story of Mlle de Sombreuil and her family is just one of the thousands of stories of innocents massacred by an evil regime that proclaimed to the world "liberty and equality!" I cannot imagine the horror, violence and depravity of this time period.

elena maria vidal said...

Thank you, Lele, and welcome!

It would make a great film, Tristan! I don't know why no one has made one!

Yes, Lara, there were thousands like her!