Monday, May 31, 2010

The Making of a Catholic President

Kennedy vs. Nixon, 1960. R.J Stove reflects. Share


MadMonarchist said...

American Catholics can, perhaps, be excused for voting for the (effectively pro-infanticide) abortion candidate Obama. He is the first Black president and since the 50's and 60's the Church seems to have sent the message that even the slightest hint of racism is a greater sin than the murder of the innocent. As I recall one, maybe two or more, politicians in Louisiana I think were publically excommunicated for opposing de-segregation. Yet, has any Catholic politician who supports abortion been publically excommunicated? At most they might be denied communion here or there but at the same time are applauded and praised in other areas. I've had trouble coming to terms with all this myself.

R J said...

MadMonarchist's recollection of Louisiana's situation is correct. The leading segregationist Catholic who got excommunicated by the Archbishop of New Orleans - there were a few others - was Leander Perez, the self-styled "Perezbyterian". (I believe, though I am open to correction on this point, that Perez was received back into the Catholic Church during his last illness.)

As for pro-abort "Catholic" politicians, the exact same situation applies in Australia, where former Federal Opposition Leader and "Catholic" Malcolm Turnbull is still fronting up to receive communion quite shamelessly without the slightest episcopal reproof. He is not, of course, the only Australian politician of nominally Roman allegiance thus perjuring himself each week.