Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Russia Comes Clean

Russia’s prime minister, Vladimir Putin, was waiting there to pay his nation’s respects – and atone – for the terrible Soviet crime at Katyn.
In 1939, Stalin and Hitler invaded and partitioned Poland. Stalin sought to wipe out Poland’s national identity. The Soviet dictator ordered the NKVD secret police to murder 22,000 Polish officers, intellectuals and political figures at Katyn.
Soviets propaganda blamed this crime on the Nazis. The truth was only revealed in 1989 by Russia’s late president, Boris Yeltsin. One wonders how many other Nazi "crimes" were committed by the Soviets.

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lara77 said...

The poor Polish people; situated between the Germans and the Russians. Their history is so tragic; yet as with Ireland their faith sustained the people throughout the centuries. This crime that Stalin ordered reminds me of the violence in the Vendee. Though, the French were a bit more "creative" in their approach to mass murder!