Saturday, April 10, 2010

As We Persecute Ourselves

John Zmirak on the once and future Church.
Thanks to the sickening betrayal of innocent children in the past and innocent priests of the future by deluded or venal bishops, the faithful of the future will be largely bereft of priests, of beautiful churches, of reverent liturgy; and the Church will be publicly powerless, too disgraced to defend the innocent, a target for ridicule and abuse. Those Catholics will pick through the ruins left by a major persecution. Only this time, like some addict, we will have done it to ourselves. 
Taki defends the Pope against the likes of Maureen Dowd.
Turning to other weighty matters, we all know that all Irishmen turn Tory upon acquiring a horse, but one Irish-American old bag, Maureen Dowd, seems to have turned anti-Catholic the minute she became a horse’s ass. Which she always was. Dowd writes a column for the New York Times, a newspaper whose anti-Christian in general and anti-Catholic in particular agenda suits her meager talents perfectly. Dowd’s columns always seem strained, always desperate to impress, about as natural as Gordon Brown’s smiles for the camera. (Most Times columnists, alas, are as interesting as old issues of “Double Glazing” magazine, but that’s another story altogether.) Dowd has called his Holiness the Pope “ a sin-crazed Rottweiler,” secure in the fact that Catholics and Christians in general do not shoot old Irish hags up you know where when their religion is insulted. Dowd has also brought the holocaust into this, and quotes ardent Zionist clowns like Leon Wieseltier when they hurl abuse. One thing is for sure. We Christians have been taught to forgive, and this is the reason it is open season on our Lord Jesus nowadays. One vile person, an unfunny Jewish comedian by the name of Bill Maher, called our Lord “that Jewish zombie” on HBO television, and blamed all the world’s ills on religion. But none of the rabble I have mentioned will say a word about a religion that teaches to kill the infidel, Islam, because they know damn well what will happen. There will be a fatwa out on them quicker than they can say Mohammed, so they concentrate their vileness on a great man like Pope Benedict XVI. 
No one’s been more vigorous in cleansing the church of the effects of this sickening sin than this pope, but just because he won’t play ball with the media and the modernists, vile rotweillers like Dowd and Maher, and Dawkins and Hitchens, are taking cheap shots against an institution that will not fight back. We all know that the ethical teachings of Jesus Christ are more important than his divinity. The Catholic Church has made many mistakes in the past, some horrific ones in fact, but the good always has and always will outnumber them. The great contributions of the church in the fields of medicine, education, and charity the world throughout and over so many centuries often go unnoticed. The church is now being crucified by the media and is turning the other cheek. But it will be around long after the New York Times will be a distant and unpleasant memory. 

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Julygirl said...

I am happy to see that the Pope and some high level members of his staff have 'talked back' to the press. That is the only way to respond to a bully.

R J said...

I have written to Taki to congratulate him on his article. (He was brought up a Greek Orthodox believer, I understand. What his current religious status is, I have no idea, but he clearly knows the issues at stake.)

If I were in Rome now I would say to the Holy Father: "Please, Your Holiness, when you have purged the clerical sodomites from the Church, may God grant you the strength and courage to purge the lay sodomites too!"