Thursday, April 1, 2010

Etiquette at Mass

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Julygirl said...

Information everyone should know, but need reminding. Thanks!

tubbs said...

The incredible nerve some people have - I mean the way they dress for Mass - it's unbelievable! Like Frankie Bernadone and his homies, down at Saint Damien's. They parade on in in rags! AND SOME OF 'EM STINKING TO THE HIGH HEAVENS! Some people just aint got no respect!

Sorry. here's one dude that will never go to Mass (NO or EF) again in a dress shirt and tie.

Aron said...

A very nice article--and I liked how the emphasis at one point was on how one should wear the best that one has, even if it IS jeans. My dad hadn't been to church in some time because he felt he could not go without a suit to wear, despite one's attempts at reassurance that God would understand. Then he could not go because of illness. In August a suit was finally found that would fit him and that was affordable. He happily started to say frequently, "When I get well again..." and looking at the garments with great satisfaction. September 2nd the Lord called dad home, and the first time that he wore it was when he was laid out. By all means wear one's best and comport onself properly, but also remember that God understands in the end.