Sunday, April 6, 2008

More on "Let Them Eat Cake"

Author Catherine Delors analyzes the "Let them eat cake" myth in an insightful manner. Share


Terry Nelson said...

One of my friends who came over the other night spoke about Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution. He is reading the history of the revolution - I don't remember the title of the book he is reading.

This man is totally secularized, a Jew by birth, and non-religious - infact, he has no time for religion. He began telling me how awful the revolution was, and did I know how they slaughtered bishops, priests and religious for nothing? And that the King and Queen were not as bad as history made them out to be? And, get this - the Queen was unjustly accused, she never said 'let them eat cake', and so on.

I was completely blown away! I gave him your blog address.

Catherine Delors said...

Thank you, Maria Elena!

And Terry, I believe that your friend is right on what happened (the level of injustice and violence.) But the Revolution is a complex set of events, with complex causes and a still more complex legacy.

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, Catherine, so true and unfortunately most Americans only receive a very one-sided view of events. Hopefully, between your books and mine, we will help in our own ways to restore a sense of balance about the whole thing.