Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In Darkest Pennsylvania

Yes, we're all bitter here, clinging to our guns and our religion. Pat Buchanan explains. (Via A Conservative Blog for Peace) Share


Anonymous said...

Well, it must be true, or there would have been overwhelming support of Obama there! ;) And, by the way, isn't Pennsylvania ABOVE the Mason-Dixon line? Ol' Hussain Obama seems to be confusing his stereotypes.


elena maria vidal said...

Yes, we are above the Mason-Dixon line but sometimes I think that was an accident.

Brantigny said...

We all know that those bitter Amish live in Pennsylvania. I think that they just drive slow on the roads to mess with the economy.

What does the Mason-Dixon have to do with it? I have met more real hunters in Penn. than in every other state.


elena maria vidal said...

Yes, Pennsylvania is the Alabama of the north.

Anonymous said...

"Pennsylvania is the Alabama of the north" - now THAT is funny. One of the best descriptions of PA I've ever heard!

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, except now I have some Alabamians who are taking umbrage at the comparison. Alabamians have much better manners.