Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Holy Father to Young People

Fr. Mark offers some reflections on Pope Benedict's powerful words. Here are thoughts on the beautiful Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral as well. And Father Mark has a quote from the Pope's writings:
A Church which only makes use of 'utility music' has fallen for what is, in fact, useless. She too becomes ineffectual. For her mission is a far higher one. As the Old Testament speaks of the Temple, the Church is to be the place of 'glory', and as such, too, the place where mankind's cry of distress is brought to the ear of God.The Church must not settle down with what is merely comfortable and serviceable at the parish level; she must arouse the voice of the cosmos and, by glorifying the Creator, elicit the glory of the cosmos itself, making it also glorious, beautiful, habitable, and beloved.
~Joseph, Cardinal Ratzinger


Terry Nelson said...

Elena - you may know this, would Bl. Kateri have worn European clothes, or was her dress always that of native Americans? I would be interested in painting her in European clothes.

Terry Nelson said...

LOL! I meant to post my question on the previous post.

elena maria vidal said...

I don't know, Terry. I am away from home this weekend but will look it up when I get home and have more time.