Monday, September 16, 2019

We Should Be The Heroes Of Our Own World

From Andrew Klavan at The Daily Wire:
I was at the Hollywood Bowl — had a wonderful time, I thank Josh Kerr for bringing us and letting us share seats — and they did a tribute to John Williams, who conducts the L.A. Philharmonic and who wrote so many great soundtracks. He wrote Star Wars, that's the big one — Star Wars. I think he also did E.T., and so everybody shows up with these lightsabers, and you know it was really an interesting experience because on the one hand, it was delightful. It's delightful to have people in L.A. come together — it's a big city. It's nice that they come together to appreciate music, and it's nice that they come together to appreciate the Philharmonic, which it does as a whole — you know all through the summer, The Hollywood Bowl does all these different things which include Beethoven and ... movie themes and all this.

But at the same time, every time I see the devotion that Star Wars fans have — and this is not, believe me, this is not an attack on Star Wars fans at all. I am touched by the fact that I know that Star Wars started out as a sort of tribute to the old Flash Gordon films. George Lucas loved these Flash Gordon films, they all started — I think [it] was the Emperor Ming, when he's taking over the universe and Flash Gordon was always going to fight them. And they always started with that scroll that you're probably familiar with from Star Wars, where the story unfolds and kind of scrolls into the background just like it does in Star Wars — that's an imitation of that. (Read more.)

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