Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas at Little Latches

From Victoria:
As frosty winter winds sweep across the British lowlands, residents from Birmingham to Bromsgrove wrap their scarves a little tighter as they dart in and out of local shops, carrying daunting to-do lists. But in the village of Little Aston in Sutton Coldfield, Sarah Wilton-Basi is happily putting the finishing touches on her holiday décor, warmed by a blazing fire and her enthusiasm for the task at hand. Sarah and her husband, Param, moved into their circa 1660 semi-detached cottage in 2009 after a six-month renovation restored many of the home’s original features. The structure, which formerly served as the local schoolhouse, was christened Little Latches because of the number of latched doors on the property. It is a particularly appropriate venue for Sarah, who taught theatre studies at a performing arts school in Liverpool for many years. Filled with Shakespearean-themed keepsakes, from volumes of plays and poetry to art prints, the shelves are also laden with antique books of classic literature—treasured heirlooms passed down from her great-grandparents. (Read more.)

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