Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Sociopath Next Door

For anyone who has ever dealt with a  sociopath, this article will ring true.
The covetous sociopath thinks that life has cheated her somehow, has not given her nearly the same bounty as other people, and so she must even the existential score by robbing people, by secretly causing destruction in their lives. She believes she has been slighted by nature, circumstances, and destiny, and that diminishing other people is her only means of being powerful. Retribution, usually against people who have no idea that they have been targeted, is the most important activity in the covetous sociopath’s life, her highest priority. (Read entire article.)


Brantigny said...

I am surrounded by Sociopaths.

They also do everything in their power to make you like them so as to disguise their real intentions. They cultivate their victims. They never take blame for anything. Rules do not apply to them. What ever they do is done to make them feel good. They do not care about others in anyway, there is not pity for their victims. Invariably their vicitms family and their family do not believe that they have done anything. They are unusually intelligent.

Ted Bundy was a sociopath. I have dealt with too many Bundys.

The North Coast said...

Mostly they are not very intelligent at all, and they burn through victims while turning their own lives into disaster areas. They're never able to understand why things go so badly for them and feel as though THEY are the victims.

There are hundreds of thousands of them in the business world, where they are often able to achieve a short-lived success by deceiving and plundering their colleagues and clients, who are their easiest victims. I've been plundered down to the ground by these people, and derive a certain grim satisfaction in watching their befuddlement at the ruin they bring on themselves.

And they never learn or change. You'll see them, in positions much reduced from their former positions, looking for new victims. The best thing you can say about the business world that harbors and enables so many of them is that it at least provides an outlet for people who would otherwise be serial killers. But the destruction they wreck on their victims often amounts to a death sentence, unfortunately.