Friday, October 28, 2011

The Salon of Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte

In the Tuileries palace, when she was Dauphine of France from 1824-1830. (Via Vive la Reine.) Where Amber finds rare pictures like this, I do not know. Notice the spartan quality of the room. Share


Anna Gibson said...

I find most of the rare images at:

It's an amazing resource! Particularly for images about the queen and her family that you don't see very often.

Gio said...

I agree, she always has beautiful, rare photos.

And Anna, thanks for sharing your source. :)

Anonymous said...

I like spartan,(particularly the graceful discipline the Asian/Eastern aesthetic) I find it easier to read the values of goodness, truth and beauty: what is there, is there for a reason.
Thank you for posting images, particularly rarely seen ones (I even google-translated the inscription on one of your recent posts that resembled a modern family album picture frame with cherubs so fascinated was I by the composition of the artist). Now that would be TV show I would love to see on EWTN - a kinda "History Detectives :: Catholic Edition"

Viewers could send in photos or video clips of unusual heirlooms that they are unsure of their religious significance, and have art and ecclesiastic experts unpack the rare treasure's deeper, truer value. We are such a visually illiterate society IMHO.