Friday, October 21, 2011

An Atheist Convert

The faith journey of author R. J. Stove.
We Catholics repeatedly make a very stupid error when we try to play the Pentecostal holy-rollers' game. The demagogic televangelist will always do that sort of thing better than we can. Shrieking rapture is not our religion's chief didactic glory. As to what is, Waugh admirably phrased the matter in his life of Campion: "the [Catholic] faith is absolutely satisfactory to the mind, enlisting all knowledge and all reason in its is completely compelling to any who give it an 'indifferent and quiet audience'." How many mainstream Australian Catholics today, I find myself wondering, have ever encountered this sentence of Waugh's? How many would be capable of regarding Catholicism as providing anything other (let alone anything more) than the same emotional buzz as a football telecast?

When in the course of my literary duties I came to learn in depth about two outwardly unrelated sixteenth-century events—the battle of Lepanto, and the Elizabethan martyrs' via crucis—I could no longer resist entry into the Catholic Church. In honor of the pope who had done so much to make Lepanto possible, as well as of his twentieth- century namesake so vilely slandered as "Hitler's Pope," I took Pius as my baptismal name.
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Julygirl said...

Interesting article. I went through a similar journey. In my experience I found it a mistake to base my search for, and faith in God, upon the antics of other humans, whether priests or lay people. If one is ernest in this pursuit, God through the power of the Holy Spirit will lead one to the truth and to the proper sources of information. There are lots of people out there who do not have their head screwed on properly so one should not allow them to influence one's relationship with God. For me, it came through the structure and solidity of the RC Church despite all the bad 'press'.