Thursday, April 21, 2011

Louis XVI Prepares for Death

Louis XVI meets his last confessor, Abbé Edgeworth.
...The King led him into a small alcove built into one of the turrets of the tower. It contained a broken-down stove, a table, and three chairs. They sat down. “Now, Monsieur,” said the King, “the great business of my salvation is the only one which ought to occupy my thoughts. It is the only business of real importance! What are all other subjects compared to this?...” 
~from Trianon by Elena Maria Vidal

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lara77 said...

How cruel the twists of fate that THIS King; who only wanted to make his peoples lives better dies at the hands of thugs. The two predecessors of King Louis XVI certainly knew mistresses, wasteful spending and unnecessary wars. Yet, the KIng who loved his wife and children, practiced his faith and started reforms for his nation is the King who is murdered by the mob. I wonder in France today if there are many people who know of this great injustice against a good king and a good man.