Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Redecorating the White House

The Obamas have some decorating plans. According to Hello! magazine:
Michelle and her husband teamed up with a Californian decorator and the White House's curator William Allman to choose the works, which include both paintings and sculptures.

"The first lady had clear ideas about what they were aiming for," William revealed. "They knew their tastes."

Among the art pieces, which can only be hung in private rooms and offices rather than historic public spaces, is a bold canvas by Edward Ruscha titled I Think I'll….

It shows a painted red sunset with phrases such as "I' think I'll" and "maybe…no" inscribed on top.

There are also paintings by contemporary American print maker Jasper Johns and Alma Thomas, an African-American abstract painter.

Sculptures chosen by the president and his first lady include a steam boat paddle wheel, a patent model for a gear cutter and bronze figurines.

Their choices are "great art to live with," said the curator of modern and contemporary art at the National Gallery – where many of the items come from.

"A lot of it is challenging. There are different styles: figurative art, abstract art."


Julygirl said...

I trust we are not paying for that 'art'.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure it's borrowed from the National Gallery of Art.

I've seen some of the pieces, and I think it would be difficult to blend them in among the traditional. I don't think they are changing out all the decor, so these pieces will definitely stick out!

Ruscha is pop art, very trendy now...much better suited for a mid-century modern home, or modern Euro-style(like IKEA).