Friday, October 23, 2009

Marie-Thérèse of Spain

The Mad Monarchist reports on the Queen of Louis XIV.
It should also be noted that Maria Theresa is (possibly) the Queen who actually said, “Let them eat cake” which is often attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette. However, the actual quote was an innocent remark, taken out of context and referred to a simple sweet bread that the peasants usually had plenty of and it was that; not an elaborate frosted cake which would have been eaten by the nobility, to which the Queen referred.


Gabriel Girl said...

Poor Marie Antoinette, history just loves to hate on her. By all accounts, though, she was a woman of intelligence and integrity.

A lot of her bad reputation came from when she was younger. But as my history professor said, she was in her teens. Would she really be the first teenage girl in all of history to be frivolous and foolish, perhaps even spending money unwisely? Most ladies grow out of it, and it sounds like she did too.

Not that it did her any good :-p

Julygirl said...

It IS important to remember how young she was and that she was still 'in formation' through letters from her mother the Empress of Austria, and her brother, the future Emperor Joseph,who was sent to France periodically and reported any misconduct back to the Empress. (This I learned from reading "Trianon".)

lara77 said...

The many French Republics in order to drum up support for their way of governing loved to portray King Louis XVI as the fat idiot who wrote "Rien" in his diary on July 14th and Queen Marie Antoinette as the frivolous airhead who said"Let them eat cake." It is thanks to websites like Elena Maria Vidal's that our eyes are opened to the truth behind the stories circulated down through the centuries. I thank you dear lady for your wonderful website that only deepens my faith in God and opens my eyes to the truth behind the stories.

elena maria vidal said...

I agree with you all and you are welcome, Lara.

Julygirl said...

Yes, thank you for your tasteful yet informative Blog. I look forward everyday to reading it. It is like sitting at home and taking an adult education class, but one that touches on such a variety of topics. I also learn from your readers. So many of them appear to be intelligent and cultured people, and that is because your Blog offers intriguing information and beautiful art as well.