Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Legendary Jewel

The Hope Diamond. (Via Platonic Shift) Share


Seamus said...

I hope that, if the French government demands its return, the Smithsonian says it will give the diamond back to its rightful owner: the Duke of Anjou, the heir of Louis XVI.

lara77 said...

I sincerely doubt the French Government would demand a return to objects connected with royalty. They recently wanted no part of Queen Marie Antoinette's purse from the Conciergerie Prison. I am puzzled why a Spanish noble whom even His Most Catholic Majesty of Spain has nothing to do with should be rewarded with a jewel? Most French monarchists as well as the French Government acknowledge the primacy of His Royal Highness the Comte de Paris as the head of the REAL French Royal Family, not some opportunistic Spaniard.