Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Sufferings of Christians in Nigeria

From Zenit:
As I have said often, persecution is in the DNA of Christianity and we do not have to look any further than the cross of Jesus. We are not of this world. I do not mean that we should go around with hands folded and waiting for pain to be inflicted on us. Persecution is not only physical and in our society— where my Diocese is for example, in northern Nigeria—Christians are persecuted by being denied positions, appointments and promotions in the civil service in the predominantly Muslim areas.

However, the problem is not the persecution but how we bear it that matters. Again, Jesus has left us a legacy and the teachings He left behind are humanly unattainable. For example, when you are slapped on one cheek, turn the other (Lk. 6:29), or the idea that to be poor in spirit and to be persecuted are all signs of being blessed (Lk. 5), all these are humanly unattainable. We must continue to turn the world upside down with our teaching (Acts 7:16), because that is the only way to create a new society in the image and likeness of the Gospel. We do not seek for consolation because Jesus is the eternal consolation. (Read more.)
From The Geller Report:
 A video has surfaced showing the heartbreaking moment a pastor cried bitterly while calling for help in against the jihad in Nigeria. The cleric was overwhelmed with emotions as he explained his situation and that of his people. The video was shared online by a former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode. In the video, an elderly clergyman wept as he called on America, the international community, pastors, lawmakers and others to come to their aid as villages in the Plateau state are still facing serious attacks. Eight persons, including a pastor, his wife and three children, were killed and 95 houses burnt after jihadis attacked eight villages in the Plateau state. Crickets chirping in newsrooms across the world. (Read more.)

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