Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Sadness of Liturgical Abuses

From The Catholic Thing:

Consider the words he offered to explain his action: “Do you know why I’m not going to say the Creed? Because I don’t believe it! As if anyone understands it – but as for myself after many years I’ve realized that it was something I didn’t understand and couldn’t accept. Let’s sing something else that presents the essential things of the faith.” He doesn’t “believe it?” O.K., fine, that’s his free choice, although he may – with an eye to his own intellectual integrity – want to reassess his chosen vocation. But he doesn’t “understand it?” Certainly, it is true the Creed proposes a set of mysteries revealed by God, which being mysteries challenge and ultimately defeat the finite intellect attempting to grasp the Infinite. As readers are probably aware, even the greatest intellect of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas, famously awoke from a dream in which he experienced God and termed all he had written as just a “heap of straw.” Yet on another level, the Creed is so simple even an elementary school student can understand it. (Read more.)

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