Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Collateral Damage

From Life Site:
“Hefner himself was not single-handedly responsible for the massive social changes that rocked the Western world from the Sexual Revolution onwards, but he was easily the single most recognizable symbol of them all,” notes Jonathon Van Maren in his 2016 book, The Culture War.


“All revolutions have collateral damage, and in all revolutions some civilians get hurt,” wrote Van Maren. “But the catastrophe of Hefner’s Sexual Revolution will be felt for generations: Fifty million pre-born children aborted, marriages smashed or abandoned, millions of children growing up in broken homes, rates of porn addiction that have crippled a generation of men, and a hypersexualized society that uses the bodies of girls and women to sell nearly every product on the market. The destruction and the carnage are nearly unfathomable.” (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

He merely got on the Sexual Revolution band wagon and scored millions from it. After WWII there was a slow progression toward social change in the area of sexual promiscuity that led to permissive behavior previously looked upon as unacceptable.