Sunday, December 10, 2017

Before and After

An amazing transformation by Virginia at Chartreuse and Company! To quote:
None-the-less, I whined at her, “Can’t you convince them to at least paint those walls?  And the light fixtures?  PLEASE let me replace them with my own.”

Margaret felt my pain, but the clients were firm:  they would remove their things, but they would not do any work or change any fixtures.  So there we were. We visited the house, with tape measure and graph paper in hand, walked through every room, got a sense of the house and what it could be.  And it’s a GREAT house!  The homeowner designed it himself in the late 70s, with an open floor plan, huge fire places, tons of closets, and had it set in a perfectly private and secluded, 12-acre lot.  While I would paint the exterior brick and trim, extend the front porch, and replace the metal posts with wooden ones, the house is well built, and enjoys wooded views from every window. (Read more.)


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