Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Because Men Are Dangerous

From the Daily Wire:
Allow me to illustrate. Let's start with a common leftist talking point that has been repeated with increasing frequency and hysteria in recent weeks. We'll go from there, following the logical steps that they have laid out for us, and we'll see where this Ferris wheel of circular logic takes us:

-Step One. We are told that "all men must be regarded as potential monsters to be feared." It's not that all men are actively dangerous, but that "rape culture" and patriarchy ingrains in all men the latent possibility of "violence and harm." Men are inherently flawed in a way unique to them; a way that makes them, all of them — "yes, all men" — agents of misogyny and therefore a danger to women and society as whole. This is not a fringe idea on the Left. This is what's taught on college campuses and spouted by the media without shame or hesitation. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

A continuing trend toward the breaking down of the family and male hierarchy in society. There has been a trend toward feminization of men over the last 75 years. It invades and pervades in almost every aspect of our society and has become detrimental in the formation of boys into fully functional responsible men.