Sunday, June 11, 2017

Trying to Destroy Trump

From Matt Walsh:
In fact, the situation is even more disastrous for Democrats. Comey did actually provide evidence of obstruction of justice — but it was of Loretta Lynch’s obstruction, not Trump’s. Comey testified that Lynch, as Attorney General, instructed him to stop calling the investigation into Hillary Clinton an investigation, and instead call it a “matter.” Comey said that Lynch clearly wanted the FBI to align its narrative with the Clinton campaign narrative. So, the hearing that was meant to crucify Trump only managed to indict the Obama Administration. A true debacle for the Democrats. They threw a grenade, it bounced off the wall and blew their own arms off.

But none of this matters, of course. Those who’ve spent months crafting this fiction of Trump the Russian Agent will either continue pushing it or pretend they never did push it. The truth doesn’t matter to anyone anymore. All that matters is drawing blood. But, once again, the Democrats have only managed to draw their own. (Read more.)

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