Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lord Darnley Revealed

From The Telegraph:
 Darnley (Henry Stuart) who was described by Mary's courtiers as persistently arrogant, drunken, and petulant was murdered at the age of only 21, eight months after Mary gave birth to their son, James I and VI. On 9 February 1567, his body was discovered in the orchard of Kirk o' Field in Edinburgh, a two-storey house a short walk from Holyrood, where Mary had installed him to recover from smallpox. The house was rocked by explosions after two barrels of gunpowder were placed in a small room under Darnley's sleeping quarters. His corpse, dressed in nightclothes, and that of his valet William Taylor, were found in the orchard surrounded by a cloak, a dagger, a chair and a coat. The bodies appeared unharmed by the blast, and it was determined that the two men had been strangled as they tried to flee the smoking ruins. (Read more.)

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