Sunday, January 10, 2016

Faith and the Faithfulness of God

From Vultus Christi:
God does not refuse faith to one who asks for it. Faith, moreover, is not something obtained once and for all on the threshold of the church. One must ask for faith every day. There are hours in life when one must ask for faith ceaselessly for fear of losing altogether a spark of light in the darkness of the world. For this, there is nothing better than the beautiful prayer of the centurion: Lord, I believe, but help thou my unbelief of. (Mk 9:23) Credo, Domine; adjuva incredulitatem meam.

As faith matures, it opens onto an encounter with the faithfulness of God, that is to say with the merciful goodness of God, with that strong love of His upon which we can rely in all circumstances, even in the crucible of suffering. Faith is a child’s little hand outstretched to grasp the strong and faithful hand that God never tires of holding out to the little and the weak. It is when one encounters the faithfulness of God that one discovers what a living faith really us: a letting–go, an unconditional surrender to the faithfulness of God. There is a point at which one begins to say, «No matter what I do, no matter how low I fall, no matter how unfaithful I am, God will be faithful to me». One begins to know the faithfulness of God, as opposed to just knowing about it. (Read more.)

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