Friday, January 8, 2016

A Dearth of Irish Saints

From Vultus Christi:
Morale is low in Catholic Ireland, particularly among the clergy. There has been, to the delight of the secular media, so much Catholic self–accusation and so much breast–beating that the memory of the heroic virtue and astonishing deeds of the saints has receded into the darkest archives of the corporate memory. In place of the memory of the saints and of their deeds — a source of joy — there is the numbing and amplified repetition of the same failures, betrayals, and sins — a cause for mourning and weeping.  One has the impression that someone has a vested interest in keeping the bad news of sin in the public eye lest the good new of holiness somehow and leak out and begin to raise inconvenient questions. Whence comes this goodness? Whence this truth? Whence this beauty? Whence this heroism? Whence these miracles, these conversions, these inbreakings of joy? (Read more.)

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