Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dead from Smallpox

Charles Joseph of Lorraine-Austria
From Tiny-Librarian:
Smallpox was a major endemic disease in 18th century Europe, and was a leading cause of death. Four of Maria Theresa and Francis I’s children died of smallpox before they reached adulthood:
Maria Carolina (Smallpox suspected but not conclusively proven) - Born January 12th, 1740 and died January 25th, 1741 (1 year old)
Charles Joseph - Born February 1st, 1745 and died January 18th, 1761 (15 years old)
Maria Johanna Gabriela - Born February 4th, 1750 and died December 23rd, 1762 (12 years old)
Maria Josepha - Born March 19th, 1751 and died October 15th, 1767 (16 years old)

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