Saturday, April 5, 2014

Color Me Chartreuse

All Shades Blue reports on my favorite shop in Buckeystown, MD. To quote:
Virginia Crum is the daughter of an interior decorator and a small business owner. So it's no surprise that she now runs one of the most successful vintage furniture and decor businesses in the Baltimore-Washington area.

Raised in historic Frederick, MD, just 50 minutes from the Nation's capital, Crum has grown up alongside the historic landmarks that mark the evolution of this former mining town, where Union and Confederate soldiers alike passed through on the way to battle during the Civil War, and where President Abraham Lincoln gave testimony to the sacrifices that the town made during the War Between the States.

In 2002, soon after Crum, her husband and two daughters moved to her grandparents' farm just outside of Frederick, she found inspiration in a little cottage that sits on the property. "I thought to myself, 'wouldn't it be fun to decorate that cottage and do a little sale,'" said Crum. Together, with one of her friends, Crum began decorating the small house and gathering pieces for the sale. "We watched the weather and put an ad in the yard sale section of the Frederick newspaper. We then put signs up and down [route] 85."

But the cottage was small and Crum's vision could not be contained by the four walls of that little house. She and her friend hung chandeliers from the trees that surround the home on the same land that was once a pasture to the 150 cows that lived on the farm. The decorations caught the eyes - and the attention - of the drivers passing by.


Now, more than a decade later, Crum's tag sale has evolved into a monthly event with 30 vendors who fill all three of the barns that sit on the property. Crum and her team of vendors exhibit and sell their vintage wares the third Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of each month, as well as on three additional weekends, including a "Market Sale" this weekend, April 5th and 6th. Market weekends extend the sale to the grounds outside the barns, where visiting vendors bring additional finds. (Read more.)

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A must see location crammed with charm and lovely products to make your home especially special.