Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Apartments of Mesdames

Now newly restored and opened to the public. From the Versailles website:
Under the reign of Louis XV, the apartments of Mesdames were, after those of the king, the most sumptuous of the Palace of Versailles. Located on the ground floor of the central section, they were occupied for twenty years, from 1769 until the Revolution, by the princesses Adélaïde and Victoire, Louis XV's daughters. These apartments have now recovered their furniture and fittings made for the royal household and the objets d’art that decorated them: a veritable unrecognised treasure that has emerged from the storerooms of Versailles. (Read more.)

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lara77 said...

No nation ever brought together that combination of decor; elegant, sumptuous,regal and absolutely beautiful. The furniture looked like art; simply magnificent. I must commend the French in their recognition and pride of 18th century French decor.