Thursday, May 9, 2013

House and Princely Family of Liechtenstein - Pre-World War II

From Luxarazzi:
 The House of Liechtenstein is one of the most ancient noble families in the whole of Europe. Their (known) history begins around 1136 when a person by the name of Hugo von Liechtenstein was firstly documented. He had taken the name of the fortress of Liechtenstein located south of Vienna. At the time, the family mainly owned land north of the Danube.

Twice the Liechtenstein family split into different branches. In the 13th century the family was divided into the Liechtenstein, the Rohrauer and the Petroneller lines; the two latter ones died out in male line within the next generation; their property went to female heiresses who had married into other families and was thus lost. In the 16th century the family split into the Stezregger, the Feldsberger and the Nikolsburger lines. The Stezregger and the Nikolsburger lines died out after a few generations but this time around the family had been smarter as it had been agreed beforehand that the property of extinct branches would go to surviving lines of the family. (Read entire post.)

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