Friday, January 4, 2013

The Salt Marshes of the Camargue

Author Leah Marie Brown reports.
I spent the morning exploring Aigues-Mortes, a medieval walled city with a wren of cobblestoned streets. I poked around the shops selling colorful jars filled with sea salt, handmade market baskets, Provençal fabric, and locally produced soaps and candles. I sat at a cafe, sipped a drink, and inhaled the sea air. I sampled the delicious lemon cookies and chocolate covered almonds at La Cure Gourmande
Finally, it was time to drive to Salins du Midi for my tour of the salt marshes.  Throughout the day, the downy clouds that had filled the sky in the morning had darkened to an ominous shade of gray.  By the time we pulled into the Salins du Midi parking lot, fat, solitary raindrops plopped onto our windshield.  I worried that our tour would be hampered by the weather, that the photographs I intended on taking would be lost to the dying light. (Read entire post.)

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