Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Empire of Anya Fernald

Food & Wine magazine reports on an entrepreneur who wants to turn the organic food trend into a way of life for more than just a few.
This kind of grass-pastured, organic beef—as well as Belcampo’s pork, chicken, lamb, rabbit and squab—isn’t cheap. To meet the quality that Fernald demands, Belcampo owns every step of the process, including the grain farm and slaughterhouse. (To build this empire, she also has an investor, like-minded food lover and Wall Street veteran Todd Robinson.) But Belcampo’s ultimate aim is to lure more capital into sustainable food, to help those “brokavores” make money, too. “There’s no guarantee any of this will pencil out,” she says. “But what’s magical for me is that if we can make it work, then there will be a lot more capital for a lot more people. It will open up doors for everybody.” (Read entire article.)

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