Thursday, January 17, 2013

St. Michaels Winery

Wine-tasting on Maryland's Eastern shore.
People often sail or motor into St. Michaels for dinner or a weekend to enjoy the charm of the small Eastern Shore boating town. Landlubbers come by car or bike, traversing the streets on a hunt for historic landmarks or unique souvenirs, while enjoying the sails and hulls in the background. No matter how they arrive, visitors to this tourist mecca will be happy to find St. Michaels Winery, a peaceful oasis of oaken barrels and copper-topped tables that welcomes wine lovers.

St. Michaels Winery is located in the front of the Old Sewing Factory Building on Talbot Street. A neighbor to Eastern Shore Brewing, the winery offers daily wine tastings that need no reservation and cater to groups wishing to have a genuine local experience. Talbot County’s only winery, St. Michaels Winery boasts a wine list of twenty, handily broken down into three categories—dry whites, dry reds, and sweet wines. (Read entire post.)

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